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Posted by Breard Alain on Wednesday, 12 February, 2020 22:45:23

Having multiple A records (with other IP addresses) will cause your domain to bounce back and forth from Cargo and your host. Once you've added the A record, wait about 30 minutes. Then add your domain to your /admin -> Settings -> Use a personal domain name to associate your domain with your Cargo website

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Move a Cargo 1 site to Cargo 2 Cargo 2 is a new platform; it requires creating a new site. Content from existing sites can be imported into Cargo 2. To move

Cargo Collective is a collection of software solutions and tools designed for blog authoring, site portfolio building, and web publishing. Cargo, Cargo 2, and Persona are among the many solutions integrated into this one cohesive CMS platform.

If you have multiple websites under your Cargo account, you can access your other websites through the Site Manager once you are logged in. You can log in either through the Cargo login page or through the admin panel of any of your websites (e.g.,

Welcome to Cargo Support. For an overview of Cargo's main features have a look at the Cheatsheet. Our support team is available during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 9AM - 6PM PST.