Young Man Creates His Own Sign About Abortion And Choices!!!



This young man’s take on abortion may not be politically correct but it is biblically correct.



Pro choice supporters talk about it being the mother’s choice, or right, to abort an unwanted pregnancy, as if it is in the mother’s hands alone, but there is a human being that does not get a vote, or have its rights looked after, and that is the child.

The mothers want to have the right to end their child’s life with no consequences to them whatsoever, but what about the child’s choice? Who is looking out for them?

Banning abortion does not limit choices. You just have to make different choices. Either get married and have your children or use some kind of protection, or thirdly, do not participate in sexual activity. Aborting a child is murdering a child.

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  • carlton goodson

    He hit the nail on the head!