Young Girls Forced To View “Swinging C*ck” In High School Locker Room!

high school tranny

Not all Americans are taking the forcing of other people’s gender identity crises shoved down their throats lightly. In a St. Louis, MO area high school, a very confused boy, who claims to be a girl trapped in a boy’s body, has been using a gender neutral restroom for the past four years to change clothes in before gym class. Fair enough, right? The school didn’t judge, they went out of their way to accommodate him.

Now, however, this boy, who goes by the name of Lila, had decided that since once upon a time blacks were not allowed in the same restroom facilities as whites, that he’d stand up for blacks fifty years ago and force himself upon the little girls in the girl’s locker room. This sick, twisted, confused young man who’s parents should be prosecuted barged into the little girl’s locker room and got completely nude there, in order to change for gym class.


“I’m not comfortable with it at all,” one of the female students said. “Just because you wear a dress and a wig, it doesn’t mean you’re a girl.” Other girls in the class shared similar opinions of having NO desire of seeing a swinging c*ck every time they had gym class.

Thankfully, more than 200 students protested and are not allowing the P.C. police of a totally sissified America to run them over.


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