You’ll Never Guess How Much They Are Bidding On The Rope Used To Hang Saddam!

the rop that hanged Saddam

Saddam Hussein came to power as Iraq’s Dictator in 1979. During that time, there were only three years in which Saddam was not at war with one of his neighbors, and this, only due to heavily imposed no-fly zones imposed by then U.S. President Bill Clinton. Saddam was finally removed from power in 2003, when a U.S. led coalition of multi-national forces ousted the the Dictator and his regime.

Saddam went on the lamb, but was eventually captured by a U.S. Marine recon unit. He was found hiding in a “spider hole.” When pulled out of the hole, he reportedly told the Marine pulling him out, “I am Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq,” over and over, to which the Marine responded, “President George W. Bush sends his regards.”

sadddam and his spider hole

Saddam was later hanged to death after being found guilty of crimes against humanity by a special Iraqi tribunal. Many of his crimes involved sex with school girls and the murdering of political dissidents. Saddam and his sons had penchants for virgins and would often host parties for female soccer teams with girls as young as 8, and they would pick out the prettiest of the little girls and have sex with them.

saddam hanging

The rope used to hang Saddam is drawing online bids as high as $7 million! Bids have come from wealthy families in Kuwait, who remember the suffering of the Kuwaiti people from Saddam’s invasion in 1991. Rich Jewish families in Israel have made bids as well, but for now, the owner of the rope, former Iraq national security advisor Dr Mowaffak al-Rubaie, the man who actually led Saddam to the galloes, is reportedly asking for more.


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