You’ll Never Believe How Many ISIS Fighters This Little Cutie Has Killed!

isis killer

She is known only as Rehena, though the fighters of ISIS know her as the angel of death. If it is true what Islamists believe about ‘not going to heaven if you’re killed by a woman’ then Miss Rehena has sent a lot of ISIS fighters straight to hell!

A reporter sent out a tweet only two days ago, describing Rehena’s actions while the Kurds fought off ISIS near the city of Kobane. Rehena, according to the journalist, has killed more than 100 ISIS fighters!

That’s right! While fighting aged men in the millions are running for their lives, like little girls, this little girl, who appears to still be in her twenties, is doing the men’s jobs for them and killing the enemy.

Another tweet began circulating shortly after the original tweet, claiming that Rehena had been killed and beheaded. There was even a picture with the tweet showing the body of a woman with a severed head, though it could not be confirmed that it was indeed Rehena. Many believe the second tweet was merely propaganda, because the Jihadists are emberassed that so many among their numbers have been killed by a girl.

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