You Won’t Believe Why These 400 Men Cut Off Their Own Testicles!

hands full of testicles

Can you say, ‘ouch?’ Can you say it 400 times? Here’s a story that proves religious fervor knows no bounds.

400 men are finally coming forward and talking about when they castrated themselves back in the year 2000, all because their spiritual guru, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, pictured below, told them to do so.

guru 1

The Hindu guru actually has approximately 50 million followers in the third world, peasant nation of India, and he’d originally instructed all of his male followers to cut off the ‘ol family jewels, telling them it would ‘bring them closer to God.’ It appears that 400 of them were wrapped up in their religious beliefs so tightly that they actually did so.

The rest? They probably said, ‘why would we listen to a guy with a beard like that?’

guru 2

This is not the first time the spiritual leader has come under allegations of wrong doing. He’s been accused of sexually molesting some of his female followers, and of course, malfeasance of funds plaques his past, but what else are good religious leaders for, anyway?


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  • I bet their leader still has his made though, how stupid can you get.