You Won’t Believe What Hillary Clinton Did Hours After The Orlando Attack

Hillary Orlando comments 1

Just after the Orlando shooting, in which a radical Islamic terrorist gunned down a club full of people, at Pulse, in Orlando, Florida, both Presidential candidates, Republican Donald Trump, and Democrat Hillary Clinton, came out and made statements about the shooting.

Trump took a tough stance and doubled down on his previous comments about the dangers of allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the U.S. under Hussein Obama’s refugee resettlement program. He offered his prayers to the victims and families of the shooting as well.

“Crooked” Hillary, on the other hand, commented about how she’d just gotten out of bed, and she offered her “thoughts” to the victims and families. Once again, she took the P.C. route over doing the right thing buy using the word “thoughts” instead of the word “prayers.” You see, Hillary did not want to offend all of the liberals who do not believe in God, nor did she want to offend Muslims by referring to the Christian God, rather than the Muslim god of hate, Allah.

Hillary Orlando comments 2

Spread this everywhere if you agree that the Orlando Massacre has GOT to be our last wake-up call in regard to the dangers of radical Islamic terrorists here on our soil.

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