Wyoming Fishermen Seeking $10K Prize For Catching Creepy Invasive Predators


The creepy looking fish above, with the face that only a mother can love, is called a ‘burbot.’ It is indigenous to eastern Wyoming, but not westward of the Continental Divide, and some of the fish, which resemble eels, have made their way across the Divide into the Green River, and they are endangering the indigenous fish and aquatic species there.

The Department of Wild Life Management in Wyoming has figured out an interesting way to capture the unwanted predators from waters in which they do not belong. They began having a contest in recent years, and offering up to $10,000 in reward money for the largest fish caught. Burbot can get up to three feet long and weigh as much as 25 pounds. They can also be found in Canada.

The competition this year, however, is meek, because burbot prefer ice-cold waters. The best way to catch them is with really stinky bait (use your imagination there, because they’ll eat just about anything) in really, really, really cold water. But temperatures in Wyoming have been unseasonably warm this years, and the ice, in most places, isn’t even thick enough to walk and fish on.

Want to catch a burbot and win $10,000.00? Better get your rods and reals and head out to Wyoming before the temperatures drop!

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