Wow! This Is How You Can Earn $2000 A Week This Fall With Leaves From Your Yard!

fall leaves 2

Are you looking for the perfect at home job, where you can make killer cash with little work and time invested? If you live north of the Mason Dixon line, this might be the perfect at home job for you, at least for the next month or so.

Kyle Waring, of Somerville, Massachusetts has started a business from his home that is quite unique. It’s called, and basically, all he does, is he goes out into his yard and hand picks beautiful, colored leaves from his trees, packages them up, and mails them to people around the U.S. who do not get to experience the Fall foliage of the northeast. He charges $19.99 per package, and he’s already sold 200 packages just since the leaves have started changing. Do the math! That’s some pretty serious bank for very little work.

fall leaves

And if you think this idea is ingenious, which we do as well, last winter Warning and his wife/business partner actually made money by selling snow for $89 a package. I have no clue how they kept it from melting in the mail, but they did it.

I love stories like this because it goes to show that anyone with a computer and a little imagination can figure out a way to be industrious and make a living.


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