Woman Tried Returning Online Purchase, CAN’T Believe What They Said To Do

online purchase return

Brick and mortar retail businesses have been getting put out of business left and right at the hands of online retailers, mostly Amazon, due to the convenience of Amazon Prime. I mean, who wants to spend an hour or more going down to the store, dealing with traffic, dealing with other people, and almost always paying more for your purchased items anyway, when you can spend three minutes online clicking your mouse and having your items delivered to your door, usually within 2 business days, and usually for 20% or more less anyway?

kelly blue kinkel

 Kelly Blue Kinkle, above, recently purchased a winter coat online and when she returned it for a refund, she was aghast with what she was told to do with the coat.

The young man she spoke to on the phone said he would send her a full refund, but to give the coat to someone that needed it, because it was could. Kinkle couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The coat was in perfect condition, but she has two dogs, and she fears their hair would stick too much to the material of the coat. But still, they did NOT want the coat back. They wanted it to go to someone who needs it and she will still get a full refund.

So, brick and mortars, if you thought this story was going to end up being good news for you, wrong again. It’s the internet, stupid!

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