Woman Notices Odd Patch, Things Get NASTY When Her Butt Falls Apart!!!


Just about all of us have experienced those weird cases, where we weren’t sure where a mark or bruise came from. However, after one woman noticed an odd patch on her skin, she was a bit more than surprised to have bits of her body start falling off – and then she learned why.

There aren’t too many of us who like creepy-crawly things, but one woman may have just become deathly afraid of spiders, and with good reason.

Woman Notices Odd Patch, Things Get NASTY When Her Body Parts FALL OFF

Although it can’t be said for certain that this was the case, those over at bamargera.comsuggest that a woman was recently bit on the backside after a spider may have been hiding in her clothing.


Too bad for her, this was no ordinary spider.


According to a few reports, this woman was bitten by what is known as the brown recluse spider. Wikipedia describes these devastating arachnids as “spiders known for their bite, which sometimes produces a characteristic set of symptoms known as loxoscelism.”


With many people not knowing exactly what “loxoscelism” is, Viral Thread dove into a bit more detail, saying:

“Loxoscelism is a condition occasionally produced by the bite of the recluse spiders (genus Loxosceles). The area becomes dusky and becomes a deep open sore as the skin around the bite dies (necrosis).”


Unfortunately for the girl in question here, she got to experience it firsthand and things got not only painful, but nasty as well. After noticing the odd patch, she was later clued into the fact that she’d been bitten by a brown recluse spider and that it’s venom was destroying her flesh.

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Although, at first it was simply red and raised a little, it wasn’t long before a hole appeared on the side of her butt. From there, things only got worse, as the entire affected area began to scab over as the flesh died, turning it into a unsightly black patch.


You can imagine her surprise when that scab fell off, leaving a chunk of her own body on the floor.


As it turns out, this was actually a good thing, meaning that her body was repairing itself. Unfortunately, with that scab off, it left her with a tender sore once again – which is especially true after doctors finish removing all of the dead flesh from the wound.


Luckily, this means that her body can fully take over repairing the wound for good.

Now, this is undeniably nasty, by any standard, but one could only imagine what this woman thinks every time she sees a spider. Having seen the dangers that these things present just by living in your house, I may fork over some money just to make sure there aren’t any I don’t know about and call in an exterminator.

by Robert Rich


(h/t: Viral Thread)