Woman Lets Homeless Guy Spend The Night, Wakes To Alarming Scene

stay the night

An elderly Texas woman with a big heart, but who is probably not the best decision maker, decided to allow a homeless man, Thomas Smith, to spend the night in her spare bedroom. It was cold and she felt sorry for him so she did what she thought was right. However, she wasn’t just putting her own well being in potential danger. Her eight and ten year old granddaughters also live with her in the home.

Around 1:30 a.m. that night, while everyone was fast asleep, Smith says he heard a loud BOOM! He thought someone was breaking into the house, but he was wrong. It turns out, there was an explosion of some kind in the attic.

stay the night 2

Smith rushed to the elderly lady’s room and saw that she was pinned to the bed by sheet rock that had fallen from the ceiling during the explosion. He dug her out and dragged her outside to safety.

Despite risking his own life, he then braved back into the burning house and pulled out the two little girls and reunited them, safely, with their grandmother outside.

The house was a total loss, but everyone that was in it at the time of the explosion, including Smith walked away uninjured.

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