Woman Floored By Note From Cop After What She Was Caught Doing In Car

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A woman was caught speeding in traffic. She was doing 65 in 55, and she was pulled over. When the police officer, Officer Dan, checked her driver’s license, he saw that she had the exact same birth date as him- day AND year- so he let her off with a warning.

The police officer went back to his car and when he looked up, he noticed that the woman was not driving away. It appeared as if she was holding her head in her hands, crying. Officer Dan walked back up to her car to let her know there was nothing to be upset about, because he’d let her off with a warning.

It was only then that the woman, Ginny Penny-Headen, of Belleville, Illinois, let Officer Dan know that she was upset, because her father had recently passed. Officer Dan consoled her and then safely got her back into traffic and on her way home.

However, this would not be the last time Ginny would hear from Officer Dan. A week later, she received a very sympathetic card in the mail in regard to her father’s death.

deputy dan

This is a wonderful story that restores our faith in humanity.

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