Woman Finds SHOCKING Note With McDonald’s Burger, But It Gets Worse

shocking note mcd

This ain’t no, “You’re so pretty and we feel so sorry for you that there’s rent money in here for next month” good Samaritan note! This is about as down and ugly as you can get, and I’ll never step foot in the McDonalds in this town if I ever go there.

A woman ordered a burger and some fries at a McDonald’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently, going through the drive through. When she got home and opened her bag of world best selling fast food goodies, she found a note on the burger wrapper which read “Should of ordered a salad fatass!”

shocking note 2

Going by the grammar, the note was written by the typical high school drop out that works at McDonald’s and demands $15 an hour.

The woman contacted the McDonald’s by phone where she was told it was only a joke and that she had a shi**y sense of humor if she didn’t understand that.

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