Woman Catches Strange Black Man In Yard, Couldn’t Believe What He Did

strange black man in yard

Dawn Reynolds, above, of Huntsville, Alabama heard strange noises coming from her yard. She peered out her window and saw a strange black man outside doing a very strange thing. He was able to get away before she could confront him for what he’d done, and it was only later that she figured out she had been “profiled” by this young black man, causing him to single her out, along with 99 other “victims” upon whom he performed the same strange act.

rod smith jr 1

The man in question is Rodney Smith, Jr., above. He is a full time student at Alabama A&M University. What was it, specifically, he was doing in Reynolds’ yard? As well as in the yards of 99 others?

He was mowing her grass!

rod smith jur 0

You see, young Mr. Smith is a great Alabamian, a great American, and a great human being. He decided that in the month of November, he would mow at least 100 yards for a specific group of people; women who were either physically or financially challenged. He set out to do this anonymously, which he managed to do for awhile, but word finally got out, and a local news station, WHNT 19, caught up with him while he was mowing lawn number 81. The station gave him $319 for his efforts for their “pay it forward” award and he felt he was not deserving of the money. He hit his goal of 100 lawns just before Thanksgiving.

Mr. Smith shows the attitude and actions of what is needed more in our current society. Reach out and help those in need, and do so anonymously, so that you’re doing it for the right reasons, instead of for narcissistic purposes, and help make this world a better place, just like young Mr. Smith is doing!

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