Will These Secret Tunnels Under Walmart Be Used For The “Refugee Secret Resettlement Plan?”

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The folks at ‘Operation Jade Helm And Beyond’ have been receiving tips from Americans all across the nation in regard to all things Jade Helm, and they’ve contacted us with some photos sent to them from one of their tipsters that are absolutely amazing! They appear to be what may very well be the first leaked images of the ‘secret tunnel system’ underneath the Walmart stores, that link super secret under ground military bases to each other, all across the nation, that everyone has been talking about!

The question one has to ask, now that Jade Helm seems to be all but over (at least that’s what they want us to think) is if these tunnels may be used as part of Hussein Obama’s ‘refugee secret resettlement plan?’

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The images are blurry, because they were taken by a low quality cell phone camera and in poor light. Also, the individual who took them was making sure to keep the camera hidden while taking the pictures.

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The informant said this of the pictures, and how they were obtained:

Missouri location in St. Louis.

One of my guys just sent me this for a delivery he just made. He was driving a semi miles underground. He had a poor flip phone camera. He apologizes for the quality.

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(He) Went into a typical style building, and (in) it was a three tractor trailer wide elevator that went several miles down.

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They searched him and his truck. He hid his phone quite well. It was a military guarded facilities. He guessed it was built to house or store up to 200,000 people.

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There you have it, folks! The first images of what apparently is part of the super secret tunnel system that is right under our feet. One of my observations is that the flooring is smoothed out nicely, the lighting systems are excellent, and this place has obviously been in existence for a LONG time. We are only now hearing about this, perhaps, because they are just now getting ready to open for business. A.k.a. now accepting guests at Camp FEMA!

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  • Wheres my tinfoil

    Why are the pictures dated from 2004?

  • bruh

    why is the timestamp 2004 in the pictures then?

  • LTShepherd

    The tunnels in MIssouri are well known. It’s my home state. The tunnels were formerly mines, now being used as commercial business storage space. Sheesh.

    • I will stick with the Lord’s numerous warnings about what is coming, thanks. America is under God’s judgement, Obama is the Antichrist, and Americans are going to be beheaded in great numbers. And yes many American cities are going to be nuked. The Lord’s warnings are posted at revelation12.ca for those who want to have their eyes opened to what is coming.

      • BlackTar

        “Americans are going to be beheaded in great numbers. And yes many American cities are going to be nuked.”

        Is this a sick fantasy of yours? Seriously, you really need to get checked mentally.

        • Christians are being beheaded in mass already by Isis
          do you not watch the news….?

    • Your exactly right, im a truck driver and have been in them .

    • asphaltcowboy

      I agree I know those tunnels well I’m a truck driver just last week I was in the tunnels in Carthage MO

    • Mike Dean

      I have been to this old mine turn cold storage for flour and Girl Scout cookies. Trust me their is no secret tunnels leading to any Walmarts in that old mine shaft! I will say if you have driven a truck to deliver there it’s one of the coolest things to drive under ground 4 miles and back into a loading dock in a shaft. It’s located in Indeapendance MO. They store floud down there because the temp in the mine stays cold enough that fruit flies will not produce and get into the flour! If you look at the one picture you will see the nose mirrors of and eighteen wheeler.

      • Mike Dean

        Low life,
        Those tunnels don’t go cross country!!! They come to a dead end and circle you right the hell back out of there! People come up with some all out bullshit!

  • snewvine

    Those pictures are from 2004. These tunnels are nothing new: http://www.thelivingmoon.com/45jack_files/03files/The_Tubes.html

  • lowlife the trucker

    im a ex truck driver my cb handle was lowlife for 30 yrs,… and i have been in these tunnels and they are connected all across the country, certain government shipments get to use these tunnels to cross the country

  • Drunken Gunns

    Notice the time-date stamp on the pics – 2004!!! OH YEAH!! This is a REAL threat!! Tell me something I don’t know – fearporn moniker!!

  • Disinfo. Note the time stamps on the photos. Straight up dis-info.

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  • SamSays

    Date stamp on several of those says 1-01-2004

  • Joe Momma

    What a crock of shit.

  • Sheila Hottinger

    Looking at the dates on the pictures, they were taken in 2004??

  • This entire article is fabricated from an existing underground base. This entire article should be removed because it is incorrect and being used to generate publicity for this website. By your distribution of fake information you give truth seekers a bad name. Very disappointed. Please remove it.

    • ken

      Im so torn on all of this and somewhat scared of thee unknowns. In your opinion what is your take on this jade helm and the meer size…..

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  • Brian

    These caves have been known about for years. If these are indeed new photo’s. They need to do a couple of things. 1. update their phone. the majority of today’s phones have the ability to take decent pictures. 2. Update the time/date stamp for the pictures. 2004? Really?

  • Jose Garcia

    You are missing the whole point guys! Who cares what the date stamp of the photos are. The point being made is that the tunnels exist and have had to be there for a long time because they are so complexed. Stop missing the Forrest because you are arguing about a freakin tree!!!

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  • Mike Dean

    YouTube Caves distribution center. You will see a video of a truck driving thru the cave and back out again. You want see any sign pointing torwards Walmart! Lol

  • Curt Fourman

    I’ve been in these tunnels also… Kraft foods warehouse their food underground cause it’s cheaper to keep it cold . This doesn’t mean they can’t be taken over by our government !

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  • Peggy smith

    About 12 years ago my husband and I went back thru this underground facility in Missouri in our 18 wheeler . There were very few places that were receiving anything and I don’t remember what we delivered but it went way on back a long way. We delivered close to the opening but had to go a good way and very slow to get turned around. Never never never do I plan on going back in one again ! I will see to that myself !!

  • Kristallnacht

    This is a repeat of the communism takeover. Daniel speaks of a sealed revelation that will be revealed at the end times, the anti-Christ will become ruler at the end of 70 years to pass. Nov 1938 the night if Kristallnancht- aka “Night Of Broken Glass” when storm troopers attacked the Jews with Hitlers his first attempt to seize power! This spirit shall return in 70 years. All the Jews were thrown from their homes the windows were knocked out leaving nothing but broken glass behind. Do the math of the 70 years and Daniels revelation has been unsealed!

  • Grame04

    Who are these fear mongers? I am sick of all of this garbage! Cut it out, we aren’t stupid!

    • Terry Gilmour

      Just lame as geek hackers who don’t have real lives .

  • Dan Hill

    “keep them dumbed down, divided and pissed off at each other”

  • Sharkfinnflash

    Having worked 1000 foot under the East River using Tovex dynamite and later TBMs, I assure you a shaft several miles down would be an incredible undertaking. But it’s a fun story….

  • Sam Chambers

    Walmart in Dahlonega Ga. Has one. When they built Walmart the found a main gold vain. So now we have a gold mine too.

  • I know something you don’t

    If you want real news, go to Newsmax.com, they don’t fill your head with FALSE information that doesn’t have any truth behind it….period.

  • Mike Salvato

    Well……I am now deleting this page and I encourage others to do the same. This source of information has become wreckless and dangerous. I refuse to waste any more of my time here and I am headed for the pages with fresh facts.

    Who’s with me?

  • Sylvia Bouwens

    interesting video worth watching, towards the end of this clip they show you the tunnels clearly – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCIa1EYQzSE

  • Kirk

    What a crock. This is an old salt mine.

  • Johnny Law

    All these cuckoos need to get back in their clocks

  • Hank

    Wow you all think that there is nothing going on with the walmarts and Jade helm?? You are WRONG!!

  • Joshua C


  • jericho


  • Kenneth Harwood

    yep its our government at work with our tax dollars aint it nice to know we give them billion in taxes to people that couldnt even run a brothel with out bankrupting it

  • ctblizzard

    total garbage. This is a re-hashed story from early last year or so where it was claimed the tunnels would be used for “Obama converting people to Islam” . Total rubbish.