Wife of Soldier Paralyzed While Looking for Bergdahl Posted This Message to Obama on FB [PHOTO]

wife of paralyzed soldier hubby

U.S. Army SFC Mark Allen is just one of many casualties of the hunt for the traitorous chickenshit that is Bowie Bergdahl in Afghanistan, after aforementioned traitorous piece of shit walked off of his post to give himself up to the enemy and thus put more U.S. soldiers directly in harm’s way.

SFC Allen took a sniper bullet while hunting for Bergdahl, and he is now paralyzed for life. This is what his wife had to say, on Facebook, when she heard that the Muslim in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, released five of his buddies from GITMO in exchange for the traitorous piece of shit that is Bergdahl.

wife of paralyzed soldier hubby

Leave no one behind? Looks like we left several behind to die to find a traitor that should be sentenced to death for desertion at a time of war.

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  • jane sandes

    Bowe Bergdahl not asked your husband looking for him. The hatred in your heart will only worsen your suffering and what you will still pass.

  • Kenneth Schoonover

    SFC Allen is a hero! Meanwhile, I hope Sgt. Bergdahl is convicted and faces a firing squad.