Why Liberals Claim This Photo Is Fake And We Should Elect Hillary President


Most of us have seen the gruesome picture, above, of former U.S.  Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, being dragged through the streets, being raped, cattle prodded, burned, and tortured for seven hours before he died. What many of us have NOT seen, are the bleeding heart liberals on the left, claiming the picture is fake, so their feminist Messiah, Hillary, can get a clean pass to run for President in 2016. Read what one flamer wrote below:

Someone I went to high school with posted an absolutely horrific photo on Facebook today of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens being dragged naked through the streets of Benghazi and tortured with a cattle prod after being set on fire and repeatedly raped. I hesitate to share it here, as it’s so graphic, but I feel as though people need to know the truth… which, of course, is that Ambassador Stevens was never raped, or tortured in the streets of Bengazi.

Stevens was, as all of us who bothered to read the actual reports know, carried by Libyan civilians to the Benghazi Medical Centre in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attack on the American consulate. He, as we all know, died from the injuries he sustained, but his body was not desecrated, and he was neither raped nor tortured. (Speaking of the attack, murder charges were filed yesterday against Ahmed Abu Khattala, the prominent Benghazi militia leader thought to be responsible.)

Don’t believe the flamers on the left’s lies. And do NOT vote for Hillary.


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