Why Is The Media Burying This Story? Its A Hate Crime!!!

A racially-charged, brutal attack (Hate Crime) on a White girl and baby by a Black girl in a Texas schoolyard is being buried by the media. Why?

A 14-year old girl was babysitting her 3-year old niece on June 19, and took her to the playground at her middle school, Herfurth Elementary School, in Rowlett, TX, along with a friend. When she sat down at some tables, she was immediately set upon by a group of Black students (2 female, 2 male) who told them they “didn’t belong there.

One source revealed to TRN that a racial slur was uttered against one or both the White girls, although police have said there is “no evidence of a hate crime” involved with the attack.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the family does not want to issue public statements for fear of further retribution.

There is also a report that one or both of the 14-year old Black girls are involved in a local gang and were enforcing a “Blacks-only territory” in the schoolyard, although he have been unable to confirm this, as no arrests have yet been made.

Here is the video of the brutal, unprovoked assault:


The toddler, whose head hit the pavement below when her aunt was grabbed by the assailant, suffered a serious injury that required numerous stitches. Thankfully, a prior Fox News Dallas report that she had suffered a concussion was mistaken. Her photo was posted on Instagram:



The charge against the thug would be misdemeanor assault against the 14-year old, for which she would likely walk — but the charge for the injury to the 3-year old would be full felony assault, where she could be tried as an adult.

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Police have asked for the public’s “help” in identifying the attacker, but given the fact that it occurred back on June 19, and the girl is a student at the school, many parents feel that police have had more than adequate time, are upset that no arrests have yet been made for such a shocking and serious assault that injured a child, that may have involved gang activity.

Meanwhile, this story is barely noticeable on the news, with only a single TV station doing one report on it, and the national media staying far away. One can only wonder how the media would be treating this story had the races been reversed.

by Brooke Bosca

  • Jodi Stevens

    They, the blacks, wonder why they are thought of as thugs? Really? It’s called grow up and like an adult! That poor baby! Press charges to the fullest! This is FRICKIN bullying if u ask me!

  • Deva73038

    She MUST be arrested or this thing will get way out of hand. Guns, etc!

  • Dale McGeorge

    You should know by now that only whites can commit hate crimes.This girls great, great, great grandfather may or may not have been a slave so she has the right to blindside and beat up a girl who’s forefathers may or may not have been living in America at the time the other girls forefather was a slave. That is how sick, demented and perverted the left wing socialists outlook on America’s social history is. Downright bazaar!

  • Cindy Naquin

    The black girl needs to be arrested and punished. She brutalized two people that day and she needs to pay for it.

  • crgregg

    She is now in custody at the Dallas juvinal detention center according to the ROWLETT PD . They NOT filing under hate crime because the victim is mixed race

    • Sid Whittaker

      June 2016 and it’s only now, trending on the UK facebook…
      What eventually happened to her.?..Was she convicted of a crime.?
      Would appreciate an update, if you wouldn’t mind.
      I shared the video and everyone I know is asking about it.. Many thx if you can.

      • Prince Brown

        Turns out she was a prostitute for Local police department…Who knew …?

  • Brenda Hook

    because the one who was attacked was white doesn,t make as good of a story they can,t get pepole riled up

  • Randy Major

    I guessit sucks being in the,center of a lack of justice don’t it? ha!

  • Anthony Alessi

    yes there are way to many people that act this way in the world today , and yes it was % 100 because the girls were white . that being said i know dozens of black people that would have stopped it also . yes its a hate crime but dont blame all people of color for it . my 2 cents ……

  • gnads

    So how about the grubs talking in the background & filming …. they need to be dealt with as well.

  • Sean Godson Walker

    Why are so many of you using the N word?Ignorant racist white people!!

    • Derwin Worcester

      Maybe they are using it because, the President just used it while doing a radio interview, if he can say it, we all can right??

      • Prince Brown

        Clinton face thrashed a hoe in the oval office. Guess its ok for all of us to cheat then right? stupid fck. you people (white america) find aaaaaaany reason to justify or qualify centuries of oppression and racial hate. This is a case of misguided youth. No evidence that the lil white girl wasn’t part of a set herself. Don’t confuse Little White with Lily White.

    • Cindy Naquin

      I never use the “N” word.

  • John Mendoza

    Black people can just hit other people if they feel like hitting one, and if they are in that situation they would say that they are being discriminated.

  • Sid Whittaker

    June 2016 and it’s only now, trending on the UK facebook…
    Has anyone any UPDATES…Did they eventually arrest this girl??????

  • Hank noname

    It is only a hate crime if A: The White attacks a kaffir , B If the White defends themselves against a kaffir. otherwise it is just playground roughness