Why Is A Chinese Dong Feng 21 C Medium Range Missile In A Walmart Parking Lot?


Exclusive!!! Must credit Frank Nelson Friedl!!!

The photo above was taken at the closed Walmart at Admiral and Memorial in Tulsa, OK.

For those of you who don’t understand what you are looking at, I can confirm that that is a Chinese Dong Feng 21C medium range missile with TEL (range est. 1,100 mi.) on the left, and on the right, 3 type 98 tanks. Only Obama and the Chinese know what else is waiting inside the Walmart /Chinese staging area.

The sizing may look a bit off, but that is just a problem of perspective and the fact that my clandestine cameraman was completely scared shi*less when he saw this and had trouble getting the camera to focus properly.

Gird your loins, America! Shi* is about to get real!!!

Do you believe U.S. President Hussein Obama is planning on implementing Martial Law in order to stay in power next year? Many believe his entire “refugee” program is build around that presumption; bring in some terrorists, get enough attacks underway that he HAS to implement Martial Law, thereby staying in office.

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  • Stephen

    Photo shopped and not a good job of it….

  • Jeff Gerou

    i’ll contact my brother that livesin broken arrow and have him go drive by there a verify it for me

  • Jay Mansell

    Just look at the shadow on the missile launcher and then look at the tanks right side no shadow

  • William Balderson

    Fake as hell, not happening.

  • Jamestroy

    Amazing, the lengths people will go through in order to push conspiracy BS. The Walmart’s in question that were closed down, and done so purposely to punish those that were trying to form a union in said stores. The Jade Helm conspiracy madness is pure BS and hype. But I guess some people need to feel relevant. Good luck with that…

    • Johnny Skinner

      Take it easy on on these guys photoshopping, i think their medications have backfired on them and their hallucinating! Should see them off their meds. Lol.

      • Jamestroy


      • Tristan Chris Heiss

        you would know about the meds,right?.. it is a bad photo’chop’..and James is just a leftist dickhead.

        • Jamestroy

          I’m leftist motherfucker? Did I read that right Pussy??????

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      well James until you PROVE its BS about Jade helm..just keep pushing your bullshit yourself then..it’s typical leftist M.O. and we expect nothing less from your ilk. when people all across the country (self included) have seen trains and truck convoys moving heavy military style vehicles to all the major cities in the USA, and ‘people’ like you keep saying its nothing…your only making people look more closely . A nd that ‘sir’ is counter-productive to your bullshit comment’s goal. and dump your pic..no one believes your a 3per..your just a troll.

      • Jamestroy

        Kiss my ass, you GD D-Bag! Who the hell do you think you’re talking to, keyboard warrior. I am far from a leftist, you moron. And I am also a oathkeeper. I have spoken to many friends, and I heard the most important intel from my company commander, who happens to be a Lt. Col. in the Marine Corp, and even he said this is all bullshit! You act as though you’re a bad ass, but you’re a bitch, and someone needs to shut your piehole

      • Jamestroy

        I saw your pics on FB. You look like a bitch

  • Allen Stovall

    I work less than 2 miles from there. … Not real…. This is Bullshit.

    • Steven RG

      I was fixing to say I live in OKlahoma and I highly doubt this report.

    • Bob LaFlamme

      Thanks Allen!

  • Dave Stanley

    The Oscar Meyer weenie wagon looks scarier.

  • And this is why I never share anything from Conciously Enlightened

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      yeah..you and I both ..unless it’s to expose their leftist propaganda bullshit…they prey on the weak minded.

    • Michael Durante

      Yea,but it would make a real cool action ,adventure movie..

  • Shading is whack

    the shading doesn’t look right – i’d say there is something wrong with this picture. reminds me of there being something wrong with obama’s ssn too.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      or the 9layered forged BR that 10 forensic scientists claim is an utter and amateur forgery?.. ;)

  • LaVeta Owens

    There’s been several Walmart closing and numerous trucks traveling together in convoys, been asked by several people what’s going on, I don’t know but something’s not right!

    • -Matthew ☺ Carr-

      Yeah. You’re smoking too much dope.

      • Tristan Chris Heiss

        and your crack habit is way outta control..so what’s your point?

        • -Matthew ☺ Carr-

          Wait what? How is what I said any indicator that I have a crack habit? Or are you just being a prick? Trucks travel in convoys when you empty a store or are re-fitting another one. It’s called logic… doesn’t have to be some deep dark secret behind it.

  • Tonto

    This Wal-Mart is built below road level- the perspective is ok for the location. Unless you live in Tulsa don’t think you know anything about it

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      i see you overdosed when you took your morning dose of ‘dumfug’ didn’t you? since when are tanks the size of S-10 pickups? and since when do they throw no shadow but missile launchers that are the size of full size pickups (here only) throwing shadows yet tanks dont..GFY…government brain dead stooge. Dismissed as an epic irrelevant comment ..by a an arrogantly ignorant troll.

  • An American First

    Poor photo shop. The vehicles have shadows nothing else does wtf? Come on people if there’s something real put it out there if it’s fake keep it to yourself unless it’s an intentional to put misinformation out there?

    • filehawg


      • Tristan Chris Heiss

        the launcher has a heavy front driver’s side shadow the tanks have none… epic amateur photo’chop’.The End.

        • Ronald Goldsby

          Straight Up . It’s All Bullshit . Trying to get the Public Worked Up Over BullShit .= Well , Many , Many , Veterans Are Not Idiots ……..

    • Ronald McVay

      I agree. Bad photoshop. Looking at the tanks, every commo pattern is identical. These tanks were all created from a single photo.

      • KLOTHMAN

        Light pole has no shadow

        • 2broke4 her

          its overcast wont show shadows..

        • Will

          If you notice it is an overcast day and there are no shadows . Except for the shadows of the mobile launcher and the tanks and those are in different attitudes.

    • Mountainpalm

      whaddayamean…Even the cart racks that are cemented into the parking lot…don’t cast shadows…..
      The sun was probably covered with clouds.! Looks pretty overcast to me…!

  • Christy Jarrett

    i worked as a truck driver delivering weapons to bases and other places . there is one big thing that stands out the most i don’t see any guards what so ever not even on the roof. every where that i went guards were all over and to top it all off no one in the truck at all or even around it . we were never allowed to leave the truck unguarded at all we had to check in every two hours ,we had guards on truck,that followed us and if did not do as we were told they would pull us over and have someone else come after load and you would never haul another load for them . they were high paying but they had strict rules also. so to make a long story short this is bull. i know better .

    • Nolan Hodges

      Mom and dad noticed something interesting on their latest trip from cali to SC. One flatbed w a armoured tank and UPS truck on the same load. Any thoughts?

      • oldpaths

        Yeah,the driver picked up 2 loads.made some real money.

      • -Matthew ☺ Carr-

        Private collection. Rich people buy some weird crap.

    • Ronald Goldsby

      Straight Up . I said the same thing. No Guards Anywhere . It’s Bullshit . Semper Fi

  • JADE HELM! CEMTRAILS!!!!! 9/11!!!!! FLUORIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIRTH CERTIFICATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      well all you mentioned is fact ..but this is a bullshit photochop done by a rank amateur..one of your ilk most likely …you really should hire people with real experience to do this stuff..kinda would be like me asking a phony MD like yourself to preform brain surgery…

  • Desoul Stone

    poor photo shop. I was inclined to believe until I researched and zoomed. The size of the vehicles are off for one thing, and the shadows and the light and dark sides. zoom in and the pixles tell all. My trust is lost. Please verify before posting.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      obviously you haven’t seen many posts by these leftist douche bags posing as intelligent people then? because 90% of their bullshit is very obviously bullshit..just sayin’..not dissing you..stating facts is all.

  • bguy

    Call bs look at shadow intensity

  • filehawg


  • filehawg


  • Bob Setliff

    The sizing is OFF because it is such a lousy job of photo shopping! -ROFLMAO-

  • T.J.M. from the Grand Canyon S

    Did you go to the AL Gore school of “Lying to get Your Point Across. Bogus photos and B.S. news stories will create nothing but hatred. There is enough “REAL” Bullshit. We don’t need to fake it.

  • Bob Setliff
  • I Am Who I Am

    Best Get Ready AnyWay Rite It Will Soon Be Hear

  • Daniel Ingham

    I can use photoshop, too…

  • Kacey Rhodes

    This picture was going around last year before Jade Helm 15 started. The same so called report about why it’s out of focus. They did edit the article and ad the ending about Obama and the refugees. Just promoting fear in those who will bite

  • Brian W

    I live in San Diego but currently visiting Tulsa and have passed this Wal-Mart on a few occasions. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

  • Mike Harrell

    rotflmao only a moron would buy that

  • corey2444


  • MsTheresaKelly1

    And where is this Walmart at?

  • An American First has a good point. Why no lamp post shadow when the missile platform is clearly casting a shadow?
    Disinformation is really what we don’t need right now as we have enough trouble with the FBI and Apple not to mention false flags and the murder of American LeVoy Finicum.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      RIP LeVoy Finicum..American Hero! 1-27-1961….1-26-2016.. gunned down…. killed by government criminals, 1 day before his 55th birthday. God Rest Your Soul Sir!

  • Nick Moore

    Nah, Walmart decided to crack down on their rampant shoplifter issues.

  • -Matthew ☺ Carr-

    Fake. Just look at the contrast between the vehicles and the background. Poor photoshop.

  • Cheryl Nelson

    Fair photo shop on missile carrier, tanks, not so much. Talk about trying to stir things up for martial law, gzeese.

  • Lisa Vacula

    with all due respect, that image is a photoshop and a very poor one at that.. the rear wheel goes Under the pole, there is more but because it is a poor attempt to piss people off, I will just leave it here…. not going to fall or share this post.. you have been enlightened by a graphic designer..

  • Kip Bonin

    yeah when they start making excuses for the sizing and stuff of that nature you can pretty much bet someone is a shit stirrer.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      our a leftist government propaganda agent.. same thing .

  • Nena Sullins

    I think this site is a government propaganda site

    • Tristan Chris Heiss


  • Obi Sean

    Perspective caused by focus problems? Are you fucking retarded? They have nothing to do with each other and any one who’s ever taken a picture with an actual camera can tell you that. Here’s your perspective. Those tanks take up no more space over those parking lines than a crew cab long bed pickup truck. This is fake as hell!

  • Jim Imagebandit

    FAKE PICTURE come on I could do a better job than that – give us some real info not this made up bullshit

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      This is a leftist propaganda page…..The End.

  • Ronald Mull

    Nothing but a fake photoshop!!!! Accurate shadows are missing from the pics..

  • Claude Favre

    Enough attacks underway that he HAS to implement Martial Law, thereby staying in office, that going to be all national guard against all Army, Air-forces, Navy, coast guard, marines, because we soldier will protect the constitution and the American peoples if we have to burn the white house with the squatter inside well we will, but this bastard will not commit more crime in this country period.

  • des

    Absolutely photo shop. I live in that area and shop at this store. They closed down due to bad plumbing. They reopened in November and are going strong.

  • Skip Bradley

    Come on! Give the guy some credit! I don’t think it’s that ‘poor’! Average, maybe. He’s probably just starting out and learning how to ‘cut & paste’ to make ‘layered photos’!

    He’ll get the hang of it, eventually! :-)

    “The sizing may look a bit off, but that is just a problem of perspective and the fact that my clandestine cameraman was completely scared shi*less when he saw this and had trouble getting the camera to focus properly.”

    Now THAT part is a hoot!

    (Personally, I think I would have ‘patched’ an Ohio Class submarine in the photo to make it more ‘believable’! )

  • John Todd Ulrich

    That’s some photoshoped bullshit right there.

  • mohillbilly65

    Isn’t it odd that this is the only picture of this……and it was taken in broad daylight without a soul around? What did everyone involved with this run down to the GOLDEN PANDA CHINESE BUFFET for lunch?

  • jimbo97

    A child could tell that is photo shopped.

  • Wonder why the shadows don’t match? Scale is wrong. Photoshop obvious! Stop spreading lies!

  • zoro

    If this indeed were legit, why leave these vehicles sitting in a parking lot in broad daylight for anyone to see? That said if this were real within a 1/2 hour all four vehicles should have been tagged, and the three tanks left on blocks with their treads missing.

  • John Burleson

    Can I use your image in my Photoshop class as an example of how assholes will use the program? I didn’t like Photoshop when they said I had to take it for this degree but now that I’ve gone through two semesters, I’ve accepted that jack asses will use the program to lie and mislead the public. I hope everybody who reads this post spends a few hours studying the program.

  • Bruce Anderson

    for a movie shoot, red muslim dawn, by ho wing do bat directing, theyare gonna paint red crescents all over it

  • Matt Gassler


  • machodog

    My thoughts on this is that something IS and HAS BEEN going on and is in the planning stages. This is the calm before the storm. Chinese missiles, tanks, a cavalcade of UN vehicles full of troops…they’re all earmarks and you’d have to be brain dead to not see that something is coming. Lock and load.

  • Leif Dallas

    Terrible photo shop but nice try. Notice there are no Shadows on anything but the rocket launcher. The tanks that should cast a shadow have no shadow. Neither does the light pole or the basket corral. There are no shadows on the building yet there is a large shadow again on the rocket launcher. The left side of the rocket it launcher is sunny and bright but the tanks are dark and dull. Nice try.

  • 2broke4 her

    quick check shows the store is open, not closed and why would a flag fly on a store that is close?

  • James Williams

    I have to say PHOTOSHOP, Why is it that the missile launcher has a shadow and nothing else does ?

  • schmuck281

    Damn!! What was the marked price? Were they a rollback special? How come my local Walmart doesn’t off deal like this?

  • Will

    Best learn how to master visual affects before trying to pass crap off as legit.

  • Mike Hudson


  • Sarah Owens Betar

    I hope the military turns the guns on him