Why Has This Man Been Sleeping With His Dead Wife’s Corpse For Years?

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Everyone knows that it’s hard to part with a loved one, especially a spouse. Maybe that’s why Le Van from the Quang Nam province, Vietnam, hasn’t. Le Van’s wife passed away in 2003, but he’s been sleeping with her dead corpse almost the entire time since.

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At first, Le Van would sleep in the graveyard where his wife was buried, right on top of her grave. However, he soon became tired of getting wet when it rained so he devised a plan to dig a tunnel from his house to her grave, but later said the heck with that as well and simply dug up her corpse and brought it home.

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Le Van wrapped his wife’s corpse in brown paper and put a clay mask on her face. He drew a picture on the mask of what she looked like in life, though it doesn’t really look like that to us. Maybe Le Van is simply a Bon Jovi fan who took the lyrics from the song, “Never Say Goodbye” too literally.

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