What FEMA Is Now Requiring Ambulances Across America To Carry Will Terrify You!


Where you aware that recently, ambulances across America started carrying anti-nerve agent kits in them? Yes, the kind that you inject in someone who’s suffered a nerve agent attack. Nerve agents as in biological/chemical warfare!

The specific type is known as DuoDote, and if it’s not injected pretty close to immediately after an attack, the victim has no chance at life.

The online watchdog group, Operation Jade Helm And Beyond recently received this message from a man who is in charge of stocking ambulances in the U.S.:

I found something new in all the local ambulances in my county. I do all the repairs and maintenance on the fleet so I am in them daily. They have one epipen on them for bee allergies, now added to the supplies are a 12 pack of duodote. Duodote is an auto injector for NERVE AGENTS, not one or two TWELVE IN EACH AMBULANCE! Please do not post my name on your page.

I got some of them for me and mine, with no regrets…

Another guy at work got freaked out when I brought it to his attention. What is so suspicious about it is 12 in each truck, and one epipen in each truck. I’m sure bee allergies are far more common than nerve agents? As I stated before, I’m in these units daily, for 3 years now, I know what is in them and these Duodote injectors are new and unsettling…

You can Google search “who decides what ambulances are stocked with” big surprise it’s FEMA….

We did follow up research and found that FEMA does indeed, call the shots on what goes in the ambulances. You can see our source by clicking on this blue sentence. 

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  • Dan

    Atropine has always been used by paramedics. It’s one of the more common drugs used in treating patients in cardiac problems… usually patients with bradycardia. The DuoDote auto-injectors are generally carried in rural or industrial areas where it’s likely that you’ll have to treat patients that have been exposed or overdosed on certain insecticides. This is pretty common. There is also more awareness of the possibility of a terrorist attack with chemicals that are very easily obtained, and the auto-injectors are a handy pre-measured way to administer it.

  • Bill Gains

    As nutty as this article is, it’s almost not worth the time to comment, but you’ve suckered me in. I’ve been a paramedic since 2001, these anti nerve agents have been in place since 9/11. FEMA has absolutly nothing to do with what is and isn’t on an ambulance. If an ambulance service wants some government funding to prepare for terreriost attacks and natural disasters, then they can choose to follow FEMA’s recomendations. These recomdenations are to help ambulance services fund their response to these rare incidents, that are so rare that the ambulance services would otherwise not be able to fund preperation for them. You expect your public servents to be fully prepared for everything that comes their way. I’m not sure what’s got you so worked up over a terriorst attack that you feel the need to right an article about it? Shouldn’t we be ready? Or would you rather we wait until after an event and just try to “react” to it. Ambulances are ran at the state level in most states. There are some states where they are controled at the county level but sorry to inform you, FEMA doesn’t “run” any ambulance service. As to the crediability of your EMS “insider”; One thing I can assure you is; no ambulance carries an “Epi pen” for “bee stings”. That’s something for “regular” non medicaly trained people to get out of their purse and use. Paramedics draw epi from a vial and give it like a normal health care profressional would. You wacko’s and your “everyone’s out to get us” FEMA nut job stories are getting real old. You need to just get over it and stop spreading made up letters from people that obviously don’t work for an ambulance service. I guess you call 2001 recent? That’ was 14 years ago man. IDIOT.

  • Jt

    I live just north of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Two to three times a week we have had a 3 ship of Blackhawk helicopters fly over us twice a day. In the morning from South headed North towards carlisle, possibly the barracks, then back South later in the day. 1 always had the wing mounted fuel tanks and the other two do not. They always fly with their search lights on.

  • I’ve been an emt for years. This is not required by FEMA, if it has been adopted it is by local procedure as I have contacts in all 50 states, some of them that have it, most of them don’t, but it is not required in any single state.

    Your information is wrong and you should feel bad for trying to scare people. It’s shit like this that is ruining what it means to be free.

    Technically you’re spreading flare information to produce a fear reaction.

    You’re a terrorist.

    How does that feel?


  • Tammi

    This is ridiculous. First of all, FEMA has no say into what is put on ambulances. That’s the medical director of the service and their local (state) licence-granting governing agency’s responsibility. The only time FEMA has a say of what is if on ambulances is when we’re deployed for disaster relief. Secondly, many EMS services began acquiring large quantities of this stuff dating back to 2006 or 2007 due to biological warfare concerns. Many of these Duodote injectors were carried primary for paramedic/emt/LEO/FD use. I’m not familiar with many services that are still carrying them due to cost restraints. Thirdly, a bee sting only effects one person: the person that was stung. Biological materials effect anyone in the immediate area. The possibility of twelve or more patients at that site is significantly greater. This is the reason for needing one or two EpiPens vs twelve Duodote.

  • VS

    This has been stocked in ambulances since at least 1980. Please do some research before inciting alarm.
    Thank you.

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  • Julie

    We used to carry them on our ambulance, but don’t anymore. Our state doesn’t require us to carry them.