Why Are Mysterious Sink Holes Opening Up Within One Mile Of A New Walmart?


Four to six weeks ago, a strange series of sinkholes began opening up only a quarter of a mile away from a brand new Walmart, opened only a few years ago, in Corpus Christie Texas.

A concerned citizen took pictures of one sinkhole and sent it to a local news channel, who seemed to be the only one to post the pictures on Facebook and run the story. The pictures were later hampered with and the story almost instantly squashed. Repairs were made to the sinkhole, but only under the cover or darkness at the witching hour of midnight.

However, soon after, other sinkholes appeared. An anonymous tipster contacted the online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond with the story and more pictures.

When asked just how many sinkholes there were, the tipster responded:

…2  one on each side of Cimarron. I sent you pictures of the other one at Staples that they’re still working on. It’s still open

When asked if the sinkholes were all inline with each other, which could be explained by a real plumbing issue, which Walmart claims is the reason for the suspicious closings of some of their other stores, the informant replied:

They’re on opposite corners… they’re not that far from the Walmart, less than a quarter mile.

The tipster also noted in followup conversation that the holes are of an asymmetrical shape.

Does this give indication that drilling is indeed going on under Walmart? The type of drilling to construct a tunnel system going in all different directions?

Have a look at the pictures:




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    Let’s get real, Obama has been putting us in a sink hole since day one of his presidency. Currently those sink holes are caving in upon him, and revealing his sinful ways.