Why Are FEMA Safe Houses Popping Up All Across Small Town America?


Just recently, we broke the news that Operation Jade Helm is going to be taking part in the great state of Mississippi, although the Government has hidden that information through the use of wording in documents, noting agreements passed by blase city council members in Biloxi who were ‘just doing their jobs.’ (See story here: Breaking! Jade Helm To Invade This State After Council Members Sold Its Citizens Out!)

To give the ‘proof in the pudding’ as it were, great Americans residing in Mississippi have been sending pictures and information of the Jade Helm movement to the online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond. 

One great Mississippian wrote this:

I have tons of info stockpiled but no one to listen. Shi* is about to hit the fan here! I have seen tons of military activities here in the small town of Natchez, MS. There is also a FEMA safe room being built not 2 miles from my house! But it’s everyday I am seeing military trucks driving by my road, because I live on a highway, but they are usually traveling so fast I can’t catch a picture.  A few days ago, me my wife and a few friends were hanging out by the fire outside when I noticed a c-130 refueling a bomber! They were at low levels, too.. idk what to do or who to get the word out to, but shi*’s getting real in my small town, and I don’t know who to have for back up.

Here is the picture proof sent in with the message:


Alas, our informant in Mississippi is not alone, as another message was sent in to Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by a concerned citizen in Arizona.

I’m in a small town. Where I live in Arizona, these signs are popping up all over the area. Is anybody else seeing these?

And here is the sign the informant was talking about:

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Are you seeing similar occurrences out there in the field? If so, report them to the Facebook page Operation Jade Helm And Beyond, by clicking on this blue sentence. You will remain anonymous if your information is shared with the public.

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  • marlio

    Intelligent, patriotic americans will not follow obamas orders. Only, basically, lowlifes will do this.

  • Roger Culver

    This is all illegal due to the 4th and 5th amendments. It needs to be stopped even if by the force of the people.