WHITE Woman Orders Pizza But Gets A Slice Of OUTRAGE After Seeing THIS Message On Receipt…

white woman pizza receipt

You may remember about three years ago, a young black lady who worked as a waitress made all the headlines when she went to the media with a story of a man she claimed she’d waited on allegedly who wrote “none nig^$*er” on her receipt in the tip section.

The story went viral, the young black lady became an instant celebrity and the new face for everyone who wanted to be a victim…

…but then…

The guy who she claimed had written the note went bat shit nuts because it was a lie- dug up his receipt showing he actually DID leave a tip and that he did NOT write such a thing- and completely blew her story out of the water.

Now, a white woman is claiming she’s the victim of a similar racist receipt.

Have a look:

white woman pizza receipt

Here’s the story:

white woman pizza receipt 2

And the source above is right. If this did happen to a black woman, they’d probably be suing and getting a trip to the white house. As it was, the woman this happened to probably made it a point to get word out that it happened, but then enjoyed her pizza and got on with her life. And she probably didn’t burn any convenient stores down.

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