White People With Confederate Flags Crash Black Child’s Birthday Party And Threaten To Kill Yall _______!!!


Witnesses at a birthday party in Douglasville, Georgia over the weekend said that festivities were interrupted once men waving Confederate flags threatened them and used racial slurs.

Cell phone video obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution shows police officers holding back individuals attending a birthday party as white men in trucks with Confederate flags and other flags drive by yelling at them.

“This may be a child’s birthday party!” one lady shouts back.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the lady who posted the video on Facebook aforesaid that the men were armed and were on her property. She said that they threatened to “kill y’all n****rs.”

“I don’t mind them riding with their flags however I don’t need them going around threaten[ing] individuals in their yard like they did mine or harassing folks either,” the lady explained in her Facebook post.

Douglasville police officer Chris Womack told the paper that his department would release details concerning the incident later on Monday.




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