White Guy Swiftly Arrested After Being Ambushed By Black Thugs

white guy arrested

Imagine if you will; you’re in your home, when two men break in and hold you at gunpoint. In self defense, you’re able to get your own gun and shoot and kill one of them, and the other one escapes.

And then you are arrested and indicted on first degree manslaughter!

This is the situation that 21 year old David Hillis of Akron, Ohio has found himself in. His home was recently broken into, he was held up at gunpoint and acted only in self defense, and is now facing more than a decade in prison if he is convicted.


37 year old Terry Tart, above, was the burglar who got away. He’s been arrested and charged for aggravated assault and robbery, which begs even more the question, why has the victim of this crime been charged with manslaughter?

Could it be because he’s white? If the race roles were reversed would we even be hearing about this in the news?

This is a sad day in America, folks. Obama, Black Lives Matter, and Jesse and Al all need to go, and they need to go quickly!

The Giver

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  • It all depends on the state laws to be honest.

  • mrmike

    Welcome to Ohio.

  • stan

    kill them dead .

  • Bowserb

    One of the two was not shot. That’s a shame.

  • George Beltz
  • George Beltz

    So Ohio has a ‘No Retreat” clause in their state. So how he can be charged with manslaughter where the elements of a crime have not been met.

  • Ken Howe

    the answer gentlemen is blow there ASS AWAY ON THE WAY IN .hands up do not make it in the real world

  • John Russell

    Akron and parts of Cincinnati have always been SH## LIBTURD areas reason we moved to outskirts of CLeveland little more in tune with proper rights.

  • Darren Wilkens

    Whoever charged him with manslaughter for defending himself, needs to be behind bars. It’s pretty sad that liberals have more compassion for criminals than they do victims. But then again, liberals and criminals go hand in hand. You idiots are pathetic wastes of life!

  • Larry Nicholas

    if you must pull your gun make sure they both die. and before the cops arive make sure 1 they are in your house, 2 they both have weapons, 3 you were injured and just act shocked and keep saying they said they were gonna kill me.

  • William Smith

    Wouldn’t happen here in Idaho. They break into your house and get shot, you won’t be charged.