While Islamists Attack In Record Numbers Obama Meets With ‘Refugees’ And Promises Them This!

Obama hugging refugee

We are in perhaps the most fierce times of escalating violence against the West from Muslim terrorists in the history of mankind, and U.S. President Hussein Obama is not only refusing to speak out on the acts and mindset and agenda or our enemy, but he is justifying their hatred toward the West by making sure to protect the image of Islam rather than calling the evil spade the evil spade that it is.

Hussein Obama is finishing up a tour in Asia, a region of the world where American Presidents for literally generations now have thrown money carelessly into the coffers of corrupt countries, such as The Philippines, for their politicians to steal, mostly to purchase homes and cars in the U.S., where they live most of the year, leaving their constituents behind to suffer in third world squaller, while receiving absolutely nothing in return.

After leaving third world shit hole Philippines, Hussein Obama stopped in third world shit hole Malyasia. There, he visited orphans in an orphanage and actually referred to them as “refugees.” He likened them to the “Syrian refugees” and said he saw “no difference in their faces of any child in the U.S.”

PLEASE understand, 99% of Americans who do NOT own a passport and have never left the U.S. (this author has visited 20 countries on four continents and spent 6 years in Asia alone)- Orphans in Malaysia and the Philippines are NOTHING like Syrian refugees. In third world Asia, parents often send their kids out on the streets to beg so that they don’t have to work, and whether they ever come home or not is of no concern to them. They are often rounded up and sent to orphanages, where they live a much better life. To compare these children to children raised within the cult of Islam, where they are inundated with hatred toward the West, is to compare water to lava. It is more of Hussein Obama’s ploy to make you believe anything he says simply because he says it, and it’s sad that there are so many libtards out there that will.

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While Hussein Obama was visiting with the peasants of third world Asia, he PROMISED he would not allow the Congress, more than half the U.S. Governors and the majority of the American people to have their way in keeping the Syrian “refugees” out.

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