When You See It! It’s Not In The Circle!


The story I got was that they were going in to see whether or not the building was worth repairing or if a raising was in order. At least if the building were raised, the property could be sold off for something.

Allegedly, the property was in good shape when it was abandoned years ago due to ‘the people under the stairs.’ Yeah, that sounds like that campy movie from the early 90’s, but more than one person could attest to the moaning sounds that seemed to be coming from within the walls, and what sounded like muffled screams on dark nights. Not to mention how all the neighborhood dogs would bark and wail on certain nights, usually on nights that sported full moons. And we won’t even talk about all the chaos that went on at Halloween.

Have another look, and look very closely, not in the circle, but about two inches below it. That would be four inches on the actual picture, not approximately two inches to scale on the wall.

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