What Syrian “Refugees” Were Caught With Should Have Us Refusing Them ALL

refugees just caught

U.S. President, Hussein Obama, continues to make a mockery of any American who shows concern over his plan (his diabolical plan, that is) to bring in nearly a quarter of a million Muslims from Syria- a group of people who believe they must either convert or kill non-Muslims, and from a region who views the U.S. as the “great Satan.” Oh, but if you’re concerned for your safety with these miscreants on our soil, then you’re square and backward; a racist, Islamaphobe and a Xenophobe.

Okay, some folks in Europe just discovered something on some Muslims from Syria, taken into their country as “refugees” that should have Hussein Obama shutting his dirty cake hole and rejecting all of his “refugees”

From media outlet Mad World News:

Two men with Syrian passports have been arrested at the French-Swiss border on suspicion of the “manufacture, concealment and transport of explosives and toxic gases,” the federal prosecutor’s office announced in a statement Saturday, theTelegraph reports.

According to France 24, the Geneva Prosecutor General Olivier Jornot confirmed in the press conference that the suspects had traces of explosives in their car, and the entire city was to remain on high alert due to threat of terrorism. However, the most terrifying detail is that these explosives have not yet been found.

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