What Do You See? One Phrase Will Change How Your Brain Sees This Image

what do you see

Researchers believe that at most, we only use 3% of our minds. That’s 97% of our brains that go unused.

The image in this piece is proof of that, and it shows, also, the power of suggestion. The image below is actually of two things. Have a look and see what you see, then read the phrase below it and then look again and see if things change.

what do you see

Okay, now here’s your “prompt.”

Image one eating the other.

Now what do you see?

what do you see

Most people, at first, see only a duck. But after hearing this phrase, they also see the rabbit. This shows the power of suggestion. Perhaps the most dangerous way this psychology is used against us is in the form of advertising. We see one thing that can be more than one thing, but we end up truly viewing it as the advertisers suggest we should. The same is very true in politics, and in this case, it is even more dangerous.

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  • Jerone A. Bowers

    i see a drawing that is both a duck and a rabbit.

  • Emily Jane Bernstein

    Great info, thanks….it shows how we could perhaps read something else into the pic/article/data, if properly stated, so as to sway our views on any given subject matter.