We’re Screwed: Border Patrol Has 9 Shocking Words About New Order Received

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Well, there’s one way to make it appear as if you are not incompetent in regard to a certain task. That’s to stop performing the task, so that no one will notice your incompetence.

This, in essence, is what the Hussein Obama administration has decided to do in regard to immigration. Each day, thousands of illegal immigrants enter the United States, mostly through our Southern border with Mexico, and it’s so out of hand that, according to a new report in the Examiner, the Hussein Obama administration has decided to ignore it even more in order to save face.

Here’s basically what’s going on in a nutshell. It seems that less than half of all illegals who are detained at the border even show up for their court hearings. Basically, they disappear, blending into the crowd here in the U.S. and go Scott free.

So, wanting to make the numbers appear more pleasant than they are, the Hussein Obama administration just sent out a new directive that illegals crossing the border are NOT to be detained anymore. If they’ve been detained and are facing an upcoming hearing, they are NOT to be tracked.

So, once again, Hussein Obama has decided to make a problem look like it does not exist by ignoring the problem.

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