Weird and Freaky Shoes Someone Paid Real Money For


It seems like people will do anything for attention.  Some of these are pretty neat… others are just plain bizarre.  Would you wear any of these shoes?  Someone apparently did… most of them, anyway…

World Most Bizarre Shoes Ever 756f93ab411dd6868c275be9a8d2670f1B1Sjlbizarre-glass-high-heel-shoesbizarre-porcupine-spiked-shoes d337dbed5367b1a8276d886167bc1a8c nasty-real-dove-shoes sandwich-flip-flop-freaky-produce-bread-shoes-shoetease weird%20and%20funny%20shoes%20(26) Weird-And-Funny-Shoes-24 weird-shoes-9--large-msg-133580651911 weird-slippers-strange-funny-01 weird-stuff-0 imagesMCJJC077

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