Watch Your Mail Carefully… If You Get This Check From Walmart, Here’s What It Means!

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Walmart is the world’s leading retailer, brick and mortar wise, and has become a trusted household name. Though Amazon is slowly but surely chipping away from Walmart’s core customer base, and the recent Operation Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory took a minor toll on the retailer’s reputation, most Americans continue to trust the company without question.

Now comes a scam involving the company’s name and image, however, that people need to be very leery of. Here is the story of what’s going on as told through media outlet Mr. Conservative:

Walmart is one of the most trusted retailers in the world, but that all could change after a group of thugs launched a scheme that could completely ruin people’s lives.

The Illinois Sheriff’s Department has warned the public about a new Walmart scheme in their area that has shoppers everywhere panicked.

According to Q Political, the scheme begins with the victim receiving a letter in the mail like the one below along with a check. The letter tells the person that they have been accepted into the “Quality Control” at Walmart and goes on to inform them of their new “responsibilities.”


The letter comes with a check that allegedly must be activated using a user id and password that is supplied. The letter claims that once the check is activated, the person can deposit it into their bank account and begin using it to shop and participate in the program.


Police have warned that this is actually an elaborate TRAP. Once the check is activated, the thugs drain their victims bank account.

If you receive a check like this from Walmart, do NOT activate it. You might just lose everything if you do…


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    Bwahaha what idiot would believe they have been hired or enrolled in something that they have not applied for