(Watch) You’ll Never Believe Who Donald Trump Punched And Gave A Black Eye!

trump gives teacher black eye

I’m sitting around reading “The Art Of The Deal” on this rainy afternoon, the book written by leading (by a far margin) Republican Presidential candidate Donald J Trump. I’ve been laughing at his wit, and finding myself astonished by his brilliance and wisdom, and I just about rolled off the couch when I stumbled on a part of his past he shared in the book that I never knew.

It seems that when little Donald was in second grade, he didn’t feel as if his music teacher knew much about music, so he punched her and gave her a black eye.

So, it seems The Donald has had a low tolerance for losers since a young age. If you ask me, that’s exactly who we need in the White House. We need him to punch a few third world leaders in the face, as well as the outgoing man he’ll be replacing.

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