(Watch) When She Picked Up A Mic In A Grocery Store And Started Singing- All The Shoppers Stood At Attention

filipina whitney

So a girl walked into a grocery store, spotted a karako machine, grabbed the mic, started singing, and she ended up leaving every shopper in the store standing at attention.

This happened at a grocery store in the Philippines. The girl belted out Whitney Houston and nailed it!

Pop culture is very popular in the Philippines, where poverty is rampant, and one’s only hope of escaping it involves marrying a foreigner, becoming a corrupt politician and stealing money from the public coffers, or becoming a pop star. As such, young Filipinos practice singing and dancing as much as Western youth practice mathematics, science and history. They don’t all make it, but it’s common to find young Filipinas like this who would be good enough to make it just about anywhere else.

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