(Watch) What He Does To Her Is Not Human!


He tells her not to move, because he doesn’t want to go back to jail!

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  • Why do you all always have to bring in the race factor and that is something about whiten people being on welfare this is true this year but white people dont make it away of life like blacks are and have

    • Adam Mygrants

      …you just made it a race issue. “Why do you all always have to bring in the race factor” followed by racist comments. Next time try not grouping everyone together by arbitrary traits like melonin content. Everyone is an individual and every “race” is the exact same as every other.

      • Well Adam Mygrants I can say that about race and welfair and blacks because it’s the truth and I don’t know right at this moment what got me all in a up in arms but you can check out what I said if you want to it’s the truth

        • Adam Mygrants

          No. It’s not the truth, it’s just your racist bigotry that makes you think it is. Every race does the same things. The “white” people who do it are generally called “white trash” or “people of Wal-Mart”. There are also massive numbers of “black” people who are perfectly respectable, unlike a certain racist bigots. You should seek professional help to get over your racist hate. The rest of us hate people like you validating all this anti-white sentiment going around. It’s hard to say “white people are not racist” when racists like you keep pooping out of your mouths.

          • tess007

            Thank you!! You are a person of great wisdom and quite refreshing!!! My sentiments also!

          • Christopher Cross

            Like you said all ‘races’ are the same and I concur with you completely on that. Even when it comes to racism and the real issue that hides behind the ideas of race, Bigotry.

  • Michael Pedicini

    he was great so what was wrong with that?

    • Brian Armstrong

      Nothing was wrong. The title is meant to get people’s attention. Have to think a bit outside the lines. The man told the woman to stay still, that he didn’t want to go back to jail. The title was based somwhat in accordance to the video as well as used to gain the attention. Worked! Lol

  • welshcorgi


  • afftongrown


  • Jose Dragovic

    He is very talented for sure , but the use of a female during this performance , in my judgment was in very inappropriate and vulgar to say the least !!!!!

  • disqus_X9hbUBenm0

    she should have kicked him in the balls.

  • survivalone

    Wow that was awesome

  • Scooter Tramp

    WTF did I just watch?