(Watch) What Happens When Police Harass A Citizen Who Knows More About The Law Than They Do?


The video maker does not ever identify himself, so we have no idea who this brave hero is, but he sure has a lesson for us.  When you are stopped by the police and assaulted with rote questions designed to incriminate you… shoot some questions back at them.  Not recommended if you are wearing bulky clothing or are anything but obviously Caucasian.

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  • letsdancearound

    I am an Illegal with no ID & can I ask ‘AM I BEING DETAINED’ On your sir. BTW: here,s some money & have a great day.

  • Boie Macho

    There are plenty of illegal immigrant criminals nowadays. Checking for ID at the border should have been the right thing to do. This dude thinks that he is a cool guy for showing this video. What an idiot. If I am a cop, I will let him wait on the side of the road and ignore him indefinitely, until he will get out of the car. If he will leave, then I have the reason to arrest him. As simple as that.

    • PointBlankReponse

      Lets us all pray that you are never allowed to be a cop then.

      • Boie Macho

        First, illegals can’t have driver’s license and should not be driving, unless they produced a driver’s license through the courtesy of Obama. The dude in this video is showing the illegals on how to get away of not showing ID to cops in the border. Too bad I am not a cop on that border because I will not tolerate assholes.

    • Blablablaer

      You have AN OBLIGATION to answer any taxpayer’s question AM I BEING DETAINED? (ON WHAT GROUNDS?) AM I FREE TO GO? If you don’t answer these questions a citizen is free to go on their way.

      • Boie Macho

        If you have ID, then show it. Case closed. If you want to be an asshole, cops can be an asshole too. You can choose one.

        • Blablablaer

          I have no ID and I never stop or and when they stop me i tell all these words and they let me go, because i illegal and work illegal and USA benefit from me, I am from Nicaragua. I don’t has driver license also, nothing, and i no need one.

  • Blablablaer

    Why don’t you stop, pull your pants down, spread the vaseline on your anus and wait…. then after you’re done, say THANK YOU MOTHERLAND FOR ALLOWING ME TO BREATHE and leave peacefully without being detained or shot.

  • Blablablaer

    I am an illegal, I have crossed the border many times, I killed a lot of those and I was never caught eating, I raped many, stolen it, so am I be detain?

  • Mileaway

    This guy is a asshole! HE is the reason we have so many illegals invading our country. Fuck him. He’s the best reason for shallow graves in the hot sand. His actions definitely raise suspicions of WHY he should be detained until he co-operates. He is interfering with an officer doing his duty.

  • Adrian Settle

    My name’s William & I’m a wanker. fucking idiot