Watch What Happens When a Fat Mall Cop Tries To Forcibly Remove a Navy Seal For Talking About Religion

mall cop

This is unbelievable!

So a military veteran is in the mall, talking to a couple of people who he just met about his faith in Jesus Christ. Along comes a fat, POS mall cop, and tells him he cannot be discussing religion in the mall, or he’ll have to leave.

What do you want to bet if the veteran had been witnessing about the pedophile Mohamed the cop wouldn’t have dared give this threat?

Anyway, this is one of those things you have to see to believe.

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  • Carl Edward Jansen

    Religion is the greatest evil the world has ever known. And yes, a property owner can prohibit you from spouting your mythology on their land.

  • Mark Langenkamp

    While a private property owner does have the right to prohibit proselytizing, such an act was obviously not a noted infraction of the mall’s code of conduct. Solicitation is the act of as requesting something. Sharing the Gospel or any other notion is not solicitation. Further, Paul Blart here (he didn’t want his name being used) is obviously mistaken in the enforcement of his duties. He really lost credibility when he himself began preaching — spouting inaccuracies along the way. The videographer was also in the wrong for not immediately leaving when asked to — or at least for not asking to see mall management — because from that point on he was trespassing.

  • While the property owner has every right to prohibit whatever he wants, I think it is pretty pathetic how the employees acted and easy to see they are Christ haters. Revelations is filled with knowledge of the end days, and throughout the Bible. If your not selling anything or requesting anything, then it is not soliciting, it is only having a private conversation with individuals. Unlike Islam, if you tell a Christian you want nothing to do with them, they will leave you alone. The little skank and the tub of lard fatboy and both the epitome of Leftist ignorance. God Bless the USA and I can’t wait until PRESIDENT TRUMP takes the Helm!