(Watch) What Dark Secret Was He Keeping For Her That Made Her Constantly Pressure Him To Off Himself?


Does this LOOK like she misses him?  Eighteen year old Michelle Carter is being charged with manslaughter after pressuring the “love of her life” to commit suicide last year.  The couple had numerous text conversations in which she instructed him how to do it and even told him to get back in the car when he was filling it with carbon monoxide… and got scared.


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  • Al W

    What kind of jaded cunt, reads of this story, reads the details, then writes a disgusting postulating headline like that? What kind of sick fuck has so little respect for the victim that they (she) can’t even acknowledge the death aspect of this story and abbreviates it to ”off himself”?? Probably the same kind of cunt who sets up a website called consciously enlightened. You need counselling love, you’re far from enlightened.