(Watch) Walmart Shows Off Container Dungeons In Leaked Military Video


Containers are so much fun.  You can use them as secret stashes, dungeons, offices, or even garages!  Here we have a little evidence that they are being used as dungeons… but not for fun, for profit!  This look inside one Texas store’s containers may frighten you.  Be warned.

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  • lizard4445


  • Don A Free Man

    Speculations, we need better proof and more documents to prove these theories…talking about and showing a few pictures just not cutting it…Yes we know something is up, give us the real proof…

  • brian

    I got a friend that is using two containers to build his house. I think they would make great FEMA shelters

  • Johnny Buller

    It’s only paranoia until they really do come to get you. Then it’s “I told you so”; but, by then it’s too late.

  • Robert Carlson

    Walmart. Your low price leader in Long-Term Home Away From Home Lodging and Accommodations.