Watch: Two Drunk Idiots Quickly Learn The Hard Way That This Cop Means BUSINESS

drunk idiots cop French Quarter

So a couple of drunk guys thought they’d try to resist putting their hands behind their backs when told to do so by a New Orleans police officer who’d had enough of their drunken, soddish ways.

I guess these guys thought since they were a little bit bigger than the cop, they didn’t have to do what he said.

The cop quickly took them to task, and, being black- and they being white- he showed them the message Hussein Obama has been sending loud and clear, that white lives don’t mean shit, brother!

Personally, I believe the cop was in the right for his actions here. However, I also believe it the race roles were reversed, this would be all over the mainstream media and most of society would be calling for a pound of flesh from the cop.

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  • brenda chafin

    New Orleans has wonderful tolerant policemen.. I have been there several times an love it and have seen the police in action, even one fight on bourbon where a horse police was involved. Great Work New Orleans, I feel safe down there. (an I’m white)