(Watch) Trump Shoots Bergdahl, White House Tweets And Attorney Talks Lawsuit!!


Trump had the crowd cheering on Wednesday at a town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire, according to Western Journalism.  Trump appears to be speaking of the Obama administration’s total inability to negotiate any kind of deal with anyone, when he refers to the accused deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, and calls him “a dirty, rotten traitor”.  And the crowd completely agreed!

Then, in typical Trump fashion, he takes it one step further and mimes shooting a gun while saying “You know, in the old days… bing, bong. When we were strong.”

A reported official tweet from the White House says “Trump comment on Bowe Bergdahl ‘Crossed the Line.’” 

And Bergdahl’s attorney adds the following:

“This is the lowest kind of demagoguery,” Fidell said Thursday. “Mr. Trump’s comments are contemptible and un-American. They are a call for mob justice.”  And “No American should have to put up with this kind of unprincipled behavior, especially from a person seeking public office,” Fidell said. “Mr. Trump must stop vilifying this young man, who suffered five years of brutal captivity at the hands of the Taliban and deserves to be judged on the basis of evidence rather than slander from someone who has never worn our country’s uniform.”

Bergdahl’s attorney said Trump should be sued for defaming Bergdahl.

Ummm, pretty sure Bergdahl took care of the defamation thing himself.

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