(Watch) This Woman And All Her Neighbors Cut Their Fingers Off For This Reason

cut off own fingers

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time, like, just after the point man evolved from apes, you don’t need a time machine. There’s this lovely part of the world (well, it’s not so lovely, really, due to the massive pollution) called South East Asia, where people seemed to have pushed the pause button on the evolution player and forgot to hit play again.

In Indonesia, for example, due south of The Philippines, there are tribes who cut off their own fingers anytime they lose a loved one, as a form of mourning. Being that the people there bread like Catholic rabbits (60% of the earth’s population lives within a 1,000 radius of this area), it’s a good thing we’re only born with ten fingers, or things could be even more painful.

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