(Watch) This OUTSTANDING Marine Was Fired For Enforcing Standards On New Recruits


Marine Lt. Colonel Kate Germano, Commander of the female side of Parris Island, was fired after bringing her female booters’ rifle marksmanship, written testing, and physical performance up to Marine standards.  Viewed by some as mean and overbearing, this tough Leatherneck is in trouble for giving her trainees a quality education punctuated with honest truth and equal to their male counterparts.  At the first graduation ceremony she presided over, she insisted that chairs intended for the relief of tired soldiers be removed because male-only graduation ceremonies did not use them.  In the same Marine Corps where mild forms of hazing create solidarity and legendary toughness makes soldiers as unbreakable as humanly possible, LtC. Germano was fired from her post for “telling (her female recruits that) their male counterparts will never respect them if they don’t get good physical scores… You just don’t do that,” according to Col. Jeffrey Fultz, the Parris Island chief of staff.  There are reports that she had already filed for retirement prior to her dismissal, and that the officer chosen to relieve her, Col. Daniel Haas, created a toxic environment that undermined her authority during his right-seat ride before assuming command.

Read a full report with considerably more detail by Dave Philipps of The New York Times here.

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