(Watch) “This Is What I Think Of Your Laws!” Illegals Appointed To Public Office In L.A. County


For the first time in United States history, illegal immigrants have been appointed to prominent city commissions.  Karina Macias, Mayor of Huntington Park, CA (Los Angeles County), found two ignored city positions and opened them to any applicant… regardless of immigration status.  Julian Zatarain, who was 13 when he arrived from Sinaloa, Mexico, now serves in the parks and recreation commission.  Francisco Medina, who crossed the border with his brother at age 16, now serves in the health and education commission.


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  • Karen Cowgill

    Now you know why Trump is leading. pity

  • Jose-0311-usms

    My # 1 reason I’m supporting Trump.. ILLEGALS are DESTROYING our Country, it got to stop at any cost.

  • Radnor Voter

    The democrats goal is to ruin this country so much that conservatives will no longer stand up and fight for it. They will then usher in communism and build statues of Obama

  • Zod Reeve

    Unbelievable. Can this country’s leaders go about things any more backwards? The cocky cunt with her fingers up is a perfect example of the arrogance of these illegal aliens.

  • Chrissums

    I honestly laugh every day I see them in drought and fighting fires. I can’t wait for the big earthquake. Fuck them all.

  • Lorie Franceschi

    ICE should be arresting them and sending them to the border.