(Watch) The Way This Felon And Drug Addict Became An Actor Will Blow Your Mind!

Danny Trejo as Machete

Danny Trejo as Machete

Danny Trejo has appeared in numerous films over the past thirty years. He usually plays the part of the thug/Mexican gang banger/all around bad guy. His menacing size and appearance allows him to look the part and his great acting skills allow him to play the roles in a believable way.

What you may not have  known about Mr. Trejo is that he as a sober alcoholic/drug addict of nearly fifty years, and landed his career in acting by making a 12’th step call to a young drug addict he was helping survive early recovery. Be sure to watch this three and a half minute long video, where he tells his story, and if you’re a Train fan, check out their new video beneath this video, which stars Mr. Trejo as well.

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