(Watch) The Reason Hillary Shut Down The Investigation Of Orlando Shooter’s Mosque Will Make You Sick!


Wow! Just when you thought that Hillary’s hands could not be stained with more blood from Americans, we find out that she has blood all over her hands in regard to the Orlando shooting, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, carried out by a 29 year old radical Muslim terrorist, Omar Mateen.

You see, all the signs were there. The F.B.I. had looked into Mateen on at least two, and possibly three occasions, due to their concerns he might be ‘radicalized.’ Hey, f*cktards working for the Government. Here’s a hint. If they’re Muslim, they’re already radicalized. Their book of hate, the Koran, teaches them to either convert or kill non-Muslims. What more proof do you need?

Anyway, it turns out the F.B.I. was also looking into the mosque that Omar Mateen attended, because an American who also attended that mosque, and who Mateen knew personally, had already traveled to Afghanistan and carried out a suicide bombing.

In her proper politically correct fashion, Hillary had the investigation of the mosque ordered shut down by her State Department, because… are you ready??? She did not want to offend Muslims who attended the mosque.

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