(Watch) Stunning Announcement! DHS Is ‘Fully Prepared’ For Martial Law


In yet another stunning announcement to cap off this turbulent month, DHS is “fully prepared” to enact martial law to lock down the United States.  Ammunition and supplies are stockpiled at key locations, including some Walmart locations, and tons of materiel have been moved to areas deemed most likely to be troubled in the near future.  Watch this chilling video for some insights.

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  • Donald E Doyle

    Huge problem

  • Jose-0311-usms

    I believe it, Part of the Obama Agenda….To change America at Any cost….They are trying to start a racial war , to take your guns away and kill anyone who gets in Obama’s way…….Everything that Obama been doing is to take Political control away from whites—and to take your guns…..I hope The local police—National guards don’t follow those orders from the Muslim President.