(Watch) Strange Skinwalker Creature Spotted In Southern U.S. States


The ‘skinwalker’ is an old Indian legend from the regions of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. In folklore, skinwalkers are medicine men or witch doctors who can take the shape of animals or strange creatures. Frighteningly, they are being spotted throughout the American Southwest.

What does this mean? Is it a premonition of the end of times?

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  • t smoke

    Evolutionary, not biblical. lol.

  • there is a video floating around out there, and in the vid it looked very cg, but this literally looks like it was a still from said video. and then just filtered and focused

  • CEL

    This was seen everywhere in the world.Not just southern America it’s a picture from a old early 80’s movie called Extro.British film.Nice seen when the creature you claim to be seen in American land gets the chick pregnant and she gives birth to a full grown man.Look at the creature it’s a guy leaning backwards with a mask on the back of his head.Can you find anything better to do?Where is your credibility? Bring on Lair of the white worm for a news breaking story.

  • CEL

    I like that movie Extro.

  • CEL

    Xtro great movie made in England not here.

  • Peggy smith

    If I saw it I’d just think it was Obama strutting around !!

  • Satanen Perkele

    This is from the sci-fi movie Xtro from 1983…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJWL9YaZ3C0

  • Papa francisco

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    I must admit, as a true Christian and Patriot this video
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  • John Deer

    What a Load of CRAP.!!! Not even the First Nation believes this.!!!